Mourning Prayer

спекталь Поминальная молитва из Театра-Театра смотреть онлайн

Mourning Prayer

Staging director – Vladimir Gurfinkel
Stage design - Irena Yarutis
Composer and musical director – Vitaly Istomin
Lighting Design – Honoured Cultural Worker of Russia, Eugeniy Ganzburg
Choreography – Tatiana Bezmenova
Video – Natalia Naumova 

Grigoriy Gorin, the author of the play “Mourning prayer”, created it basing on the classical prose by Sholem Aleichem which is the pseudonym of the Jewish writer and playwright who was one of the founder of the modern Yiddish literature. 

“Sholem Aleichem” (translated as “Peace to you!”) is the greeting that has been used for centuries. 

“Mourning prayer” is the story of Tevye’s the Dairyman family, his wife and daughters, and also of his mischievous relative Menachem Mendel. The play takes place in the Ukrainian village Anatovka at the beginning of 20th century when persecution of Jews started. For many years Russians, Jews and Ukrainian has been living here side by side. Tevye the Dairyman is the typical village pauper although despite his social position he intellectualizes constantly. He has five daughters and there is only one chance for them to escape from their conditions – a successful marriage. Following the tradition, Tevye tries to make use of a matchmaker’s services in order to choose the right groom for each of his daughters but they decide to arrange their destiny on their own.  


спекталь Поминальная молитва из Театра-Театра смотреть онлайн

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